Empower Ultrasound Users with AI

DiA is the leading provider of AI-powered ultrasound analysis solutions that make the use and analysis of ultrasound images smarter and accessible to all users, by solving the two main challenges ultrasound users are struggling with today: how to capture the right image and how to analyze it correctly.​

DiA’s technology is based on advanced pattern recognition, deep learning and machine learning algorithms that automatically imitate the way the human eye detects image borders and identifies motion.

LVivo cardiac toolbox is the first company product line and has been already added to ultrasound devices and healthcare IT systems, with thousands of end-users around the world.



Reducing Variability
Millions of cardiac ultrasound scans are performed annually. Yet, their acquisition and analysis are done mostly visually.
Such evaluations are subjective, time-consuming, error-prone, cumbersome, and highly dependent on the users' experience.
DiA's AI-based solutions generate objective and accurate clinical indications to support the decision-making process of users in all levels of experience.

"DiA's software allows us to do a fully automated Ejection Fraction...it allows us to take all images and get a true Ejection Fraction for the patients" 

Dr. Steven Feinstein, RUSH University Medical Center

GE Healthcare has partnered with DiA Imaging Analysis to provide the Lvivo EF app on Vscan Extend ultrasound device.

When adding LVivo EF app to your Vscan, you combine the advantages of a pocket-sized ultrasound with an AI-based cardiac analysis tool.

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Last updated: February 2020

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