LVivo Toolbox

AI ultrasound solutions

 Immediate results, in just one click

DiA solves the two main challenges clinicians are facing when using ultrasound: 

How to acquire the right image and how to analyze it.


LVivo solutions provide automated AI-based analysis to support ultrasound users with varying levels of experience, resulting in reduced variability and increased efficiency and accuracy throughout the analysis process.


  • RVTab.png

    LVivo RV- NEW

    Auto Right Ventricle Analysis

  • EFTab.png

    LVivo EF

    Auto Ejection Fraction Analysis

  • StrainTab.png

    LVivo Strain

    Auto Strain Analysis

  • SWMTab.png

    LVivo SWM

    Auto Segmental Wall Motion Analysis

  • SaxTab.png

    LVivo SAX

    Auto SWM Analysis from the Parasternal Short Axis View

  • Mobile.png

    LVivo Mobile

    Auto Analysis on Mobile Devices

  • seamlessSmall.png

    LVivo Seamless

    Auto Pre-Selection and Analysis of Optimal Views



LVivo Bladder - NEW!

Auto bladder volume calculation on 2D ultrasound

Why LVivo?


to clinicians with all levels of experience in all settings


Supports images from any ultrasound device and works with any PACS

Objective and automated

 vs. subjective manual or visual analysis, with accurate and consistent results


Alleviates bottlenecks while reducing scanning time and risk of exposure to COVID-19

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