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Philips and DiA - Merging our Strengths

DiA was acquired by Philips and has joined the Philips family. Click here to learn more.

Empower Ultrasound Users 

with AI


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Image Quality Feedback While Scanning

Announcing our latest FDA clearance for LVivo IQS, DiA's new AI-powered software solution assisting cardiac ultrasound users to capture high-quality images while scanning, supporting real-time clinical decisions.

Quick Feedback | Clinically Validated | Easy-to-Use

DiA is the leading provider of AI-powered ultrasound analysis software that solves the two main challenges ultrasound users are struggling with today: how to capture the right image and how to analyze it correctly.​


DiA’s technology is based on advanced pattern recognition, deep learning and machine learning algorithms that automatically imitate the way the human eye detects image borders and identifies motion.


LVivo Toolbox™ is available on ultrasound devices and healthcare IT systems, serving thousands of end-users around the world.


AI-based software solutions

that make the use and analysis of

ultrasound images smarter and more accessible 

LVivo Seamless™

Enhance Your Echo Lab Workflow 

LVivo Seamless is an AI-based software solution that preselects and instantly analyzes the optimal apical cardiac ultrasound views, generating Strain, EF and Right Ventricle Size and Function measurements results for all Echo lab studies. The selected views with results appear as an in-motion secondary capture on any PACS viewer.

This enables clinicians to reduce the variability associated with manually selecting views and visually analyzing cardiac ultrasound images.

What The Experts Say

"DiA's software allows us to do a fully automated Ejection allows us to take all images and get a true Ejection Fraction for the patients" 


Steven Feinstein, M.D, Professor of Medicine in Cardiology

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