"DiA’s automated software gives us the Ejection Fraction, based on the echocardiograms. It is reliable and it is fast. What we get from the DiA software is an accurate, fast measurement of EF"

Dr. Steven Feinstein

Prof. of Medicine, Director of Echocardiography
RUSH university Medical Center, Chicago, USA

 "The LVivo system provides accurate measurement of Global LV systolic function...it can be used as a decision support tool.

I would recommend using LVivo automated tool for a quick automated reproducible Ejection Fraction "

Dr. Arthur Labovitz

Chairman, Dept. of Cardiovascular Science
University of South Florida

"I recommend the use of the LVivo tool for echo users and I feel this supporting tool is beneficial to  experienced and less-experienced echocardiographers "

Dr. Noah Liel

Head of the Echocardiography Unit at the Cardiology Division, Soroka University Medical Center, Beer Sheva

 "Handheld ultrasound device paired with novel software can provide a clinically useful estimate of LVEF" When the images are of adequate quality and yield results by novice examiners that are similar to experienced sonographers"

Prof. Anthony DeMaria

Division of Cardiovascular Medicine, UCSD Medical Center

 "LVivo has the potential to change the way we manage patients with suspected Acute Coronary Syndrome. Being able to know this quickly and accurately could allow us to diagnose and treat these patients in what may be a time-critical situation"

Dr. Chris Moore

Yale University School of Medicine

 "LVivo EF has the potential to provide accurate and objective quantification of LV EF to support clinicians in the decision-making process, right at the patient's bedside, saving time and resources"

Dr. Martin Goldman

Associate Director of the CV Institute, Director of the Fellowship Training Program and Director of Medical Education at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Hospital

 "LVivo EF supports the non-expert physician’s or physician's assistant's decisions at the patient's bedside. The use of LVivoEF reduces the variability associated with subjective visual ultrasound analysis and it can accurately and effectively support non- experts in their decision-making process"

Dr. Ziv Dadon

Shaare Zedek Medical Center, Jerusalem, Israel

"The integration of GE Healthcare's Vscan Extend and LVivo EF app is seamless, providing a rapid, automated representation of left ventricular systolic function using the ejection fraction method. The ability to produce such an important evaluation greatly enhances point-of-care healthcare."

Mr. Kym Smith

Senior Accredited Medical Sonographer,
Cardiac Investigations, Royal Brisbane & Women's Hospital, Brisbane, Australia

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