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LVivo EF™

Ejection Fraction Evaluation - Clinical Value

Ejection Fraction (EF) is a key indicator of cardiac function, essential in cases of heart failure, shock, chest pain, as well as cardiac and surgical procedures.


EF evaluations at Point-Of-Care (POC) are done visually (Eyeballing). This process is subjective, time-consuming, error-prone, cumbersome, and highly dependent on the user’s experience.


 AI-Powered Automated EF Analysis


LVivo EF provides an objective EF analysis -
reducing variability and improving efficiency by automating the calculation of Ejection Fraction from 4CH and/or 2CH views and Biplane. 


It allows users to quickly and easily assess cardiac function by any clinician, with all levels of experience with qualitative assessment.

LVivo EF App

LVivo EF App can be downloaded to any ultrasound or PACS system, just like an App. It is also available on mobile-based ultrasound devices.

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