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LVivo Mobile™

AI-Powered Analysis on Mobile Ultrasound

The LVivo solutions are vendor-neutral and cross-platform and can easily be downloaded as a part of any mobile ultrasound device.


The First AI-Powered Ejection Fraction analysis on a Handheld Ultrasound 


GE Healthcare has partnered with DiA Imaging Analysis to provide the LVivo EF App on Vscan Extend™ handheld ultrasound.
When adding LVivo EF App to your Vscan, you combine the advantages of a pocket-sized ultrasound with an AI-based cardiac analysis tool

LVivo EF App provides an objective automated AI-based EF analysis. It allows users to quickly and easily assess cardiac function by any clinician, with all levels of experience with qualitative assessment.

*Available for purchase

LVivo EF app is developed by and licensed from DiA Imaging Analysis Ltd.

LVivo EF App on GE's Vscan Extend™ 

Automated Output:

◾ Ejection Fraction (EF)
◾ LV Edge Detection of the endocardial border in motion
◾ End-Systolic Volume (ESV)
◾ End-Diastolic Volume (EDV)

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