Just like an App

The LVivo solutions are vendor-neutral and cross platform. They can easily be downloaded as a part of any ultrasound device, just like an app.

First AI-Powered Automated EF on Handheld Devices

LVivo EF App with Vscan Extend™  - Handheld Ultrasound with

AI-Powered Automated Ejection Fraction

GE Healthcare has partnered with DiA Imaging Analysis to provide the Lvivo EF App.
When adding LVivo EF App to your Vscan, you combine the advantages of a pocket-sized ultrasound with an AI-based cardiac analysis tool.

The app helps you identify LV function in patients presenting with shortness of breath,
suspected heart failure or cardiogenic shock.

LVivo EF App provides an objective automated AI-based EF analysis. It allows to quickly and easily assess cardiac function by any clinician, with all levels of experience with qualitative assessment.


Automated Output:

•  Ejection Fraction (EF)
•  LV Edge Detection of the endocardial border in motion
•  End-Systolic Volume (ESV)
•  End-Diastolic Volume (EDV)


*Available for purchase.

LVivo EF app is developed by and licensed from DiA Imaging Analysis Ltd.

LVivo EF App on Vscan Extend - Preview

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