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Image Quality Feedback While Scanning

The new LVivo IQS - Image Quality Score is a vendor-neutral AI-based software solution providing real-time cardiac image quality feedback while scanning the left ventricle of the heart. 


The software uses colors and numerical scoring to indicate the quality level of the image as it is being scanned. This enables ultrasound users to acquire high-quality interpretable cardiac ultrasound images for more accurate and reproducible analysis of the heart.

The FDA cleared LVivo IQS following a clinical study that demonstrated its safety and efficacy. The results demonstrated high agreement between the LVivo IQS AI’s quality score feedback and the ability to obtain clinically interpretable images as evaluated by expert cardiologists specializing in echocardiography.

IQS in phone for website with FDA.png

Why LVivo IQS?


Vendor Neutral

Can run on any

ultrasound device

Clinically Validated

High agreement between

LVivo IQS and experts. FDA Cleared

Quick Feedback

for high quality

interpretable images


Colors and numerical scoring

indicate image quality

What The Experts Say

“For precise heart diagnosis and treatment, high-quality cardiac ultrasound imaging is necessary in both point-of-care and other settings. LVivo IQS AI software will assist us in obtaining faster and clearer images to aid our real-time clinical decision-making process.”


Dr. Lior Fuchs

Soroka Medical Center, Israel

Senior Intensive Care Physician and

Principal Investigator of the LVivo IQS study

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