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LVivo Strain™

Strain - Clinical Value

The Strain application provides information about the contraction and endocardial strain and is an early indicator for reduced LV function.


Identifying abnormalities is especially important during and after coronary events, patients before aortic stenosis valve replacement surgeries, and patients undergoing chemotherapy.

LVivo Strain

Automatic evaluation of segmental and global LV strain calculation from the 3 apical LV views. 


The strain results are summarized in a “Bullseye” diagram quantitatively and by color coding.


Did you know?

Clinicians in the USA can report and bill for myocardial strain (CPT code +93356)


"LVivo Strain is fully automated. The ability to do this takes seconds. The analysis is performed, and the strain imaging is then displayed on the bottom.  This is a remarkable tool and today is it reimbursed"

Steven Feinstein, M.D

Professor of Cardiology

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