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DiA Secured $14M Investment Round to Accelerate Availability of its Ultrasound AI solutions

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

DiA's technology enables clinicians of all skills and experience levels to automatically and seamlessly analyze ultrasound images and identify clinical abnormalities


DiA Imaging Analysis, a leading provider of advanced AI-based solutions for ultrasound analysis, today announced that the company has closed on a $14 million in additional investment led by a consortium of new and existing international investors. The additional capital will enable DiA to expand the company’s portfolio of FDA-cleared and CE-marked AI-based ultrasound solutions that enable clinicians to identify clinical abnormalities with speed and accuracy. Additionally, the company will pursue new and expanded partnerships with ultrasound vendors, PACS/Healthcare IT companies, resellers, and distributors while continuing to grow its global presence in Asia, Europe, and the U.S.

DiA’s AI-based technology imitates the way the human eye detects borders and identifies motion, allowing clinicians of all levels of experience to capture the right ultrasound images and automatically identify clinical abnormalities that are otherwise difficult to find visually. The company’s vendor-neutral and cross-platform solutions, LVivo Toolbox, is currently serving thousands of end-users in more than 20 countries, deployed on ultrasound devices and healthcare IT systems.

"DiA continues to advance how ultrasound images are captured and analyzed, arming ultrasound users with the ability to make more accurate clinical assessments and ultimately provide better care to patients," said Hila Goldman Aslan, DiA's CEO and Co-Founder. "We are excited to see the enthusiasm from our growing investor base who see the potential for DiA's commercial success. We are ready and eager to take DiA to next level by delivering our current and upcoming AI-powered ultrasound solutions to medical settings around the world."

With a total of $25 million in funding, the company has experienced great momentum in commercializing its technology and bringing LVivo toolbox to hospitals, clinics, and clinicians around the world. DiA has secured channel and commercial partnerships with several major healthcare technology providers and distributors including IBM Watson, Philips, GE Healthcare, and Konica Minolta, among others.

Throughout the global COVID-19 pandemic, DiA’s technology played an instrumental role on the frontlines. With cardiac damage being one of the most common and serious impacts of the virus, the company’s technology has been used extensively near bedside and remotely to quickly detect abnormalities in both the left and right ventricle and expedite care to those in need.

DiA also announced that Dr. Diku Mandavia has joined the Board of Directors as an industry board member. Having served as SonoSite’s (Fujifilm company) Chief Medical Officer for nearly 15 years, Dr. Mandavia is recognized as an expert and thought leader in point-of-care ultrasound technologies.

“The use of AI to enable both the acquisition and analysis of images automatically is becoming essential for ultrasound users - and DiA is leading the way,” said Dr. Mandavia. “With its growing AI-based portfolio and track record of commercial success, DiA has established itself as the most advanced AI ultrasound company in the healthcare industry today.”

New investors in the latest funding round include XTX Ventures, Downing Ventures, Philips, Alchimia Ventures, and ICON Community Fund. Existing DiA investors participating in the round include CE Ventures, Connecticut Innovations, Defta Partners, Mindset Ventures, and Dr. Shmuel Cabilly.

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