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LVivo Seamless™

Auto Views Selection and Analysis of Optimal Views

LVivo Seamless automatically runs “behind the scenes" to select the optimal cardiac ultrasound views out of 40-60 views in standard echo exams and generate an automated analysis.

This enables clinicians to reduce the variability associated with manually selecting views and visually analyzing cardiac ultrasound images.

LVivo Seamless

After acquiring a full standard echo exam, LVivo Seamless runs "behind the scenes" to select the optimal cardiac ultrasound views and generate automated measurements of cardiac indications, such as Ejection Fraction and GLS.


The selected views with results will appear on any radiology image viewer, as a secondary capture alongside a structured report.


Why LVivo Seamless?


Automated pre-selection and analysis

of optimal view

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Vendor Neutral

Supports clips from any ultrasound device and on any PACS

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Full analysis in seconds


Operates on any PACS viewer

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"LVivo software operates without human touch and adds a great value. These rapid, reliable and accurate serial views selections and measurements enable us to get second opinions and access anytime and anywhere"

Steven Feinstein, M.D

Professor of Cardiology

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