DiA solves the two main challenges clinicians are facing when using ultrasound:

1. How to acquire the right image

2. how to analyze it.


Our full suite of products is the missing link in making ultrasound analysis accessible to users with different levels of experience.

FDA cleared, CE marked and ISO certified.

"It is clear that current Echo imaging approaches are limited. The LVivo technology provides echocardiologists with a decision support tool for quick and accurate endocardial tracking resulting in automated global and segmental measurements of LV function.”

Dr. Arthur Labovitz

Chair, Dept. of Cardiovascular Science

University of South Florida, USA

LVivo EF

Automatic Ejection Fraction Measurement

LVivo EF App


Automatic analysis from the parasternal Short Axis view


Biplane Wall Motion abnormalities analysis

LVivo Strain

Automatic Strain Analysis

Why LVivo?

  • Accessible - Immediate analysis, anywhere, anytime

  • Accurate - Objective AI vs. Subjective visual estimation

  • Automated - One-click full analysis in seconds; No ECG required

  • At Point-of-care

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