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IT Companies

Cardiac ultrasound examinations have long become an essential tool in patient evaluation in modern healthcare, with a growing need to provide better examinations at lower costs while
maintaining quality. DiA’s LVivo tools enable cardiologists to analyze patient’s heart clips fully automatically and instantly with high accuracy and without any workflow alternation, just by a click of a button.

DiA’s tools, can be integrated into any PACS or viewer. DiA’s solutions enable cardiologists to easily evaluate echo clips quickly, accurately and automatically, as well as provide quantitative values in a clear graphical presentation.

UltraSound Manufactures

Cardiac ultrasound solutions are used in all medical facilities and present a substantial fast growing market segment. Expert echocardiographers and non-expert echocardiographers find it difficult and time consuming to evaluate ultrasound heart clips due to growing need and continual resource constrains. DiA's tools enable them to analyze patient's heart clips fully automatically and instantly, just by a click of a button, like having an expert looking over their shoulder.

DiA's tools can be easily embedded into any ultrasound system. They will allow both physicians
and sonographers to get answers in an accurate, objective and quantitative manner, helping save up to 20% of the overall examination time.

Quick. Accurate. Reproducible.
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