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Ebit (Esaote Group) and DiA Have Partnered Offering AI-based Cardiac Ultrasound solutions

BE'ER SHEVA, Israel and GENOA, Italy, March 26, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- DiA Imaging Analysis, a leading provider of artificial intelligence (AI)-powered ultrasound analysis tools, announced today that it has partnered with the italian healthcare IT company Ebit (Esaote Group), to offer DiA's LVivo Cardiac Toolbox as an integrated part of Ebit's SUITESTENSA CVIS (Cardiovascular Information System ) PACS. The LVivo Cardiac Toolbox is designed to analyze cardiac ultrasound images based on more objective and reproducible information, as opposed to semi-manual or visual analysis methods which are currently being used.

DiA's LVivo Toolbox uses advanced pattern recognition and machine learning algorithms which automatically imitate the way the human eye detects borders and motion. DiA's automated tools deliver fast and accurate clinical indications to support the decision-making process. LVivo is both vendor-neutral and easily implementable as part of the daily evaluation workflow. The integration of the LVivo toolbox will enable the support of DICOM clips from all ultrasound devices evaluated through the PACS thus, making LVivo AI analysis accessible to all users using it and ultimately improving patient care.

"AI is becoming a real driver in the imaging arena. Through collaboration with strategic partners such as DiA, Ebit will offer healthcare providers with the best possible tools added to its system in order to improve patient outcomes", said Franco Fontana, Ebit CEO: "SUITESTENSA CVIS PACS achieves a superior workflow from patient admission through exam execution in addition to reporting, administration and distribution by encompassing all cardiology specialties into one single platform. By joining forces with DiA, we aim at expanding the boundaries of our system by equipping our customers with an advanced AI-based cardiac analysis toolbox".

Ebit's cardiovascular software Suitestensa, is a vendor-neutral comprehensive enterprise platform that allows physicians to archive, manage and share data reports and clinical images produced by any cardiological equipment. Ebit will offer the LVivo Toolbox as an integrated part of its PACS viewer. The integration has been designed around the same human interface of Suitestensa CVIS in order to assure the best user experience and efficient workflow.

"We are excited to partner with Ebit and offer the LVivo Cardiac Toolbox as an AI-based cardiac ultrasound analysis solution in the SUITESTENSA CVIS PACS," said Hila Goldman Aslan, DiA's CEO and Co-Founder. "The LVivo cardiac toolbox is the missing link in making ultrasound accessible to users with different experience levels. With the LVivo toolbox as part of Ebit's SUITESTENSA CVIS PACS, users will now be able to get automated and objective AI analysis that aims to reduced variability and increased efficiency in an effort to provide better patient care."

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