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DiA Partners with SonoScape Medical Corporation to Deliver Cardiac Ultrasound AI Solutions

BE'ER SHEVA, Israel, and SHENZHEN, China , May 10, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- DiA Imaging Analysis Ltd. (DiA), a leading provider of AI-powered ultrasound analysis solutions today announced that it has partnered with SonoScape Medical Corporation (300633.SZ), a leading

developer and manufacturer of ultrasound systems. As part of the partnership, SonoScape's ultrasound devices will provide DiA's ultrasound artificial intelligence analysis solutions aiming to reduce the variability associated with manual or visual analysis, and increase efficiency and accuracy throughout the analysis process.

A recent survey indicated that 85% of ultrasound users said that AI saved their practice time and 69% reported that it saved costs. By providing automated ultrasound AI solutions, this partnership fills the growing need for objective and accurate analysis in this booming market where ultrasound analysis is often done in a subjective and time-consuming method – by visual or manual estimations.

"SonoScape is committed to delivering outstanding services to its ultrasound users to help increase their efficiency," said Dr. Nai Zhang Feng, General Manager of Ultrasound Division at SonoScape. "By joining hands with DiA, we will enhance our users' capabilities with the most innovative technology of cardiac ultrasound AI tools."

DiA's FDA cleared and CE marked AI-based cardiac solutions, LVivo Toolbox™, were developed by a proprietary technology that imitates the way the human eye detects borders and identifies motion, therefore, allowing ultrasound users with various levels of experience automatically analyze and identify clinical abnormalities that are otherwise difficult to find visually.

"We are thrilled to partner with SonoScape to empower their users with our most advanced ultrasound AI solutions," said Hila Goldman - Aslan, CEO and Co-Founder of DiA Imaging Analysis. "Combining SonoScape's ultrasound capacities with DiA's AI technology is another great step forward to make the analysis of ultrasound images smarter and accessible to all."

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