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DiA Imaging Analysis partners with Philips to enhance ultrasound with AI-based image quantification

BE'ER SHEVA, Israel, March 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- DiA Imaging Analysis Ltd., a leading provider of AI-powered applications for ultrasound, today announced a strategic partnership with Royal Philips, a global leader in health technology, to deliver automated solutions to clinicians at the point-of-care.

DiA's AI powered of automated solutions combined with Philips' industry leading ultrasound image quality will help increase diagnostic confidence, operational efficiency, and access to care for Point-of-Care customers in and out of the hospital.

"This partnership with DiA reinforces Philips' commitment to integrating AI partners into the Radiology workflow ecosystem, from the modality, to interpretation, all the way through to results communication," said Kees Wesdorp, Chief Business Leader, Precision Diagnosis at Philips. "Through our strategic partnership with DiA, we can deliver unprecedented diagnostic confidence and operational efficiency to point-of-care ultrasound imaging, as well as widen access to high quality and timely care both inside and outside of hospitals."

To reduce the variability, improve the efficiency and increase the accuracy of image analysis,

DiA has developed FDA cleared and CE-marked AI-enabled 2D ultrasound cardiac and abdominal applications that are used by thousands of end-users worldwide.

"With superb image quality and ability to operate with smartphones and tablets, Philips Ultrasound devices are widely accepted as the industry's most advanced solution for point-of-care imaging. As such, it is the ideal platform for deploying AI-enabled solutions that will benefit patients by helping clinicians to make better-informed decisions," said Hila Goldman- Aslan, CEO and Co-Founder, of DiA Imaging Analysis.

DiA will spotlight its AI-enabled solutions across its imaging portfolio at the upcoming European Congress of Radiology 2021 virtual event (March 3-7, 2021).

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