LVivo EF App

Extend the power
of portable ultrasound
analysis with AI


DiA's LVivo EF Auto App calculates ejection fraction and end-systolic, end-diastolic left ventricular volumes by automated edge detection of the left myocardial wall using apical 4-chamber views.

GE VSCAN Extend   - LVivo EF App Preview


GE Healthcare has partnered with DiA Imaging Analysis, Ltd. to provide the LVivo EF App. 


*Available for purchase.

LVivo EF app is developed by and licensed from DiA Imaging Analysis Ltd.

LVivo EF App on GE Vscan Extend   - Tutorial video


Key Benefits

  • Better understanding of the patient condition anywhere, anytime.

  • Reduced evaluation time and increased efficiency.

  • FDA /CE cleared ML algorithms.

  • Easy, fast and user friendly App.

  • Objective, Accurate Automated AI ultrasound evaluation, at the click of a button!


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Last updated: February 2020

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