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Triage and Monitor COVID-19 Patients 

COVID-19 and the heart

Recent data from COVID-19 frontlines show that heart issues were a frequent cause of death for 50% of COVID-19 patients.

Today, more than ever, point of care ultrasound (POCUS) is helping clinicians identify and monitor COVID-19 patients' heart symptoms to support patients' management and care.


However, ultrasound analysis at POC is still done visually, which is highly dependent on the user's experience.


At DiA, we are committed to leveraging the power of AI to make cardiac ultrasound analysis smarter and more accessible to all users with varying levels of experience – especially now.


This means empowering all clinicians working hard on the frontlines of COVID-19 to rapidly identify and monitor cardiac symptoms and deliver urgent patient care.

LVivo AI solutions - Immediate results, one click

LVivo EF and LVivo RV* may help any point-of-care clinician to rapidly and accurately monitor COVID-19 patients’ heart symptoms, which may indicate heart failure, shock, pulmonary embolism and more.

LVivo EF and LVivo RV provide automated AI-powered analysis of the Left and Right Ventricle size and function.

LVivo EF – FDA cleared, CE marked. LVivo RV - FDA pending

Easy patient monitoring at bedside

Objective clinical assessment of cardiac function

Immediate decision support 

"LVivo EF makes it possible for clinicians to quickly, accurately and safely analyze cardiac function at bedside. For patients with COVID-19...being able to rapidly and accurately detect the EF at the point of care can save precious time and improve patient outcomes."

Evan (Avi) Alpert, M.D

Department of Emergency Medicine

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DiA's AI solutions run on CPU and GPU and can be easily added to any ultrasound device and Healthcare IT system (PACS/ Cloud).


See a demo of LVivo EF on GE Healthcare handheld ultrasound, Vscan Extend:


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