Our Vision

Making ultrasound analysis accessible to all by providing AI-based solutions that can be used easily and quickly, anywhere & anytime.

AI Technology


DiA’s AI auto solutions use advanced pattern recognition and machine learning algorithms to automatically imitate the way the human eye identifies borders and motion.


The solutions are cross-platform that can be easily implemented to ultrasound devices and healthcare IT systems, as an integrated part of the clinicians' workflow.

Our Story


DiA Imaging Analysis was founded by Dr. Noa Liel, Michal Yaacovi, Hila Goldman Aslan and Arnon Toussia-Cohen who saw how Ultrasound analysis was done by then - manually and visually.


This means the process is subjective, time-consuming, error-prone, cumbersome and highly dependent on the user's experience.

Our mission is to support clinicians with various analysis experience levels, in their decision-making process and to use our solutions as part of their everyday analysis routine.



Advisory Board

Christopher L. Moore, M.D

Arthur Labovitz, M.D

Hugo Guterman, PH.D


Arnon Toussia Cohen

Active Board Member and Co-Founder

Noah Liel-Cohen, M.D


 Martin Goldman, M.D

Bret Nelson, M.D

Steven B. Feinstein, M.D





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